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(Peen-chos) Spanish for "spiked"

Pintxos are a style of Tapas originally from the Basque Country in Spain. They are often small snacks usually eaten in bars and taverns while spending time catching up with family and friends. The main difference between Pintxos and Tapas are that Pintxos are usually “spiked” with a skewer or toothpick, often served on a sliced baguette. They are served as an individual portion unlike most shared Tapas dishes. A small slice of baguette or roll will have almost any ingredient or a mix of ingredients on top and held in place by the pick. The most common Pintxos being, tortilla de patatas, stuffed peppers, croquettas, chorizo or jamón iberico. So share a tall table with a glass in one hand and a pintxos in the other and spend time with someone you care about.





The name paella means “frying pan” in Spanish, so it is named for the dish it is cooked in. A paella pan is round and shallow, often made of polished steel and will have two handles.
The Paella was thought to originate in Valencia, Spain, with the most traditional ingredients of rabbit, snails and beans or just vegetables and a variety of different beans, often cooked over an open fire or flame. Using traditional Spanish rices, saffron and quality stock, paella are now made with seafood, chicken, pork, chorizo tomatoes onions and capsicums all of which come together to create a dish that’s full of flavour and aroma.

Valencian Paella ( Paella Valenciana)
Seafood Paella ( Paella de mariscos)
Mixed Paella ( Paella mixta)
House Paella (Paella de la Casa)
Vegetarian Paella ( Paella Vegetariana)
Black Paella ( Paella Negra)
Paella is a dish to bring friends and family together. It common to place the pan in the centre of the table and everyone would eat straight from the pan itself.



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